To find out more please call
07976 222 654

What days and times do you have available?

I work weekday mornings, with sessions available from 9.30am. Evening or weekend appointments can also be arranged. Once we begin working together, I try to offer the same appointment time on the same day each week.

How long would I have to wait before you could see me?

I aim to respond to your initial enquiry within two working days and if we arrange to meet I would usually offer you an appointment within a week.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place in a quiet, comfortable and private place. I see clients in Glasgow's West End. The location has easy access by train or bus and parking is free.

Is therapy always confidential?

Protecting the confidential basis of therapy is an essential part of my role. There are certain circumstances, however, in which confidentiality cannot be kept. If you, or someone close to you is at risk of serious harm, then I will discuss with you how other people, such as a doctor, could be involved for safety reasons.

As part of my ongoing training and development as a therapist I attend regular supervision sessions. During these sessions I discuss my client work with my supervisior. These meetings explore therapy issues but you will not be identified.

Will I have to talk about my childhood all the time?

Only where it has a bearing on your current problem. Our attention will be on changing current thoughts and behaviours, not those in the past.

My problem isn't that bad. Is therapy only for extreme cases?

Not all people who attend therapy are experiencing crisis or trauma. If something is troubling you it is worth spending time thinking about why it is happening, how you can change it, and how you can improve your life.

What if I change my mind about therapy during the sessions?

I invite clients to share thoughts about their experience of therapy as we go along, so that we can address any concerns. If you decide that therapy is not working for you, you are free to end sessions at any stage.